Sites @ Marist

A place to build websites for classes and projects

About Sites@Marist

Sites@Marist is a service to support faculty and students in producing web-based scholarship. The service is a partnership between the Marist Library, Archives and Special Collections, and Digital Education. This is an experimental service. All sites and content will be available through the Spring of 2023. At that time, the service will be re-evaluated to determine if it will be renewed.

Who is eligible to use the Sites@Marist service?
  • Instructors who want to create a collaborative website for their classes
  • Instructors who want to give their students the option to produce web-based assignments
  • Students who need a website or web server for a class assignment or honors projects

How to get a site

Each request to use the Sites@Marist service will be reviewed by Sites@Marist staff. Follow the steps below to request using the service:

  • Checkout the projects already using the service to get a better idea of what is possible.
  • Review the available applications in the service.
  • Fill out the request form telling us about your intended project and what application(s) you might want to use.